The Island

La Gomera is a small, volcanic island rising out of the Atlantic Ocean 400km off the west coast of Africa and forming part of the Canarian archipelago. The cloud forest which covers its peaks is a designated World Heritage Site and in 2012 the entire island was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Prior to its colonization by the Spanish in the 15th century the island was inhabited by tribes related to the Amazigh [Berbers] of northern Africa whose cultural legacy remains an integral part of the island’s identity to this day - as reflected in its cuisine, music and crafts, but perhaps most famously in the whistling language known as ‘el silbo’ which can still be heard occasionally echoing across the island’s many steep-sided ravines.

There are no large-scale tourist resorts on La Gomera and many visitors come as independent travellers to explore the island's many hiking trails and its rich marine life [see things to do].

 For  more  information about our location please refer to the Vallehermoso page.

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